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The names of our fallen heroes will forever be etched upon the Navy Special Operations Memorial, ensuring that their sacrifice and legacy are never forgotten. As we honor their names, we vow to remember their courage, valor, and unwavering commitment to protecting our nation.


The Pillars of the Navy Special Operations Memorial carry the names of Navy EOD and Navy Divers who  were killed in the performance of their duties. Since the second World War, there have been 106 NSO heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice, and we will ensure that their names and legacies live on forever.

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Since WWII, thousands of Navy Special Operations Veterans have suffered due to environmental exposures, TBI, PTSD, and other illnesses as a result of their service.  The Navy Special Operations Memorial believes all NSO Warriors should be honored and remembered for their service and sacrifices.  The Virtual NSO Memorial program enables the families and friends of our fallen heroes who came home and later passed, the opportunity to have them be forever memorialized.

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